Limestone product used to balance PH levels in the soil

Basics of Aglime in Agriculture:

Aglime is used as an alkaline (base) in order to maintain a proper PH balance of your soil. An ideal PH of 6.8-7.0 assures maximum growth of healthy aerobic bacteria in the soil, which is required for healthy plant growth. When Ph is too low or too high, nutrients added to the soil, in the form of fertilizer, are not able to be absorbed by plants. The plants do not produce optimally and those nutrients will then ultimately be washed away.

If PH is not stabilized on a regular basis, soils will naturally become more acidic over time due to the natural decay of organic materials. Coarse vs. fine aglime, is simply a measure of how fine the product is that you are spreading. A general rule of thumb is that any product larger than a #8 (3/32”) sieve does not Neutralize the soil. Any product between a #8 (3/32”) and #60 ( 0.0098”) sieve will be utilized 50% within 1 year and 100% within 4 years. Product smaller than a #60 sieve will be used 100% within the first year.